Fireworks Cookbook was started by a few pyros in southern Georgia. We have been into fireworks manufacturing for many years. We started this site in hopes of providing a service to the pyrotechnics community by providing low cost and high quality chemicals and a central database for pyrotechnic formulas. There are two main areas of this website: Fireworks chemicals for sale & Fireworks recipes.

Fireworks Chemicals for Sale

We have spent the majority of our professional lives dedicated to fireworks and pyrotechnics and have sourced the very very best in high quality chemicals and materials. We only provide high purity and high quality firework chemicals. While there are several other organizations that sell fireworks chemicals online, we have always been unsatisfied with the overall experience and many of the times, pricing. So we decided that we would provide a better solution and better overall experience. While we don’t have the largest inventory, we are continually adding new chemicals and increasing the size of variety in what we carry. If you have any requests or suggestions for what you would like us to carry – please send us a message on our contact page here.

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The Fireworks Cookbook

The cookbook is something we’re all very excited about. We have a large collection of fireworks recipes and chemical compositions available. The Fireworks Cookbook should serve as an opportunity to try something new, or to start learning how to make fireworks, or to serve as a reference book for checking your formulas. Again, we’re always looking for feedback in order to make this the most extensive, accurate and reliable fireworking reference online. So please feel free to send us a message on our contact page here.

Fireworks Gallery

The gallery is full of fireworks photos and (soon to be) fireworks videos. Let’s be serious, fireworks are awesome to watch. So we figure we would add our own photography and videography and share it with the world. We would love to feature the photos and videos of our community, so please let us know if you would like to feature your work.

We are Certified & Knowledgable

We are part of pyrotechnic clubs like Pyrotechnics Guild International (PGI), Florida Pryo Arts Guild (FPAG), Midlands Pyro Association (MPA) and others. We are also members of amazing sites like, Passfire.comĀ and others.

We have a number of exciting projects planned in the near future including additional chemicals, kits, colored smoke, tooling, and others.