Ammonium Nitrate Agricultural Grade Prills

$1.00 per lb - 10lb minimum

Ammonium nitrate is an oxidizer. It is very hygroscopic and therefore not used very often in fireworks. It finds some use in composite propellants, but performance is not as good as perchlorate-based propellants.

Large masses of ammonium nitrate have been known to explode on some occasions although it is very insensitive. Smaller quantities are less likely to detonate. The risk of detonation increases when ammonium nitrate is molten or mixed with fuels such as metal powders or organic substances. Ammonium nitrate should never be mixed with chlorates as this may result in ammonium chlorate formation, possibly leading to spontaneous ignition. Mixtures of metal powders and ammonium nitrate are likely to heat up spontaneously and may ignite, especially when moist.

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