101 Beginners Kit

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10lb Potassium Nitrate Milled
3lb Mixed Hardwood Charcoal Airfloat
2lb Mixed Hardwood Charcoal 36 mesh
2lb Mixed Hardwood Charcoal 80 mesh
1lb Paulownia Charcoal Airfloat
1lb Argo Laundry Starch
1lb Sodium Bentonite Clay
1lb Graphite Powder
1lb Ferro-Titanium -60+325 mesh
4lb Sulfur

This kit was designed by Ned Gorski over at  This kit is all you need to following along with his Fireworking 101 tutorial over on  He has also designed Fireworking 201 and Fireworking 301 which are amazing tutorials.  Ned has made the Fireworking 101 series available to the public and you can watch the videos below.

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